The Switchback Two features an innovative design that has adjustable weights off the bumpers of the toe and heel. Different than the Switchback, this putter is face balanced because of the high slant neck.

This traditional blade style will be adjustable from 350g to 380g. Whether it is putting style, speed of greens, or preference you will have the maximum adjustability with this exquisite putter. It will come with a set of (blue) 5g and (silver) 20g weights, making the total head weight 350g or 380g respectively.

Lie- 71°
Loft- 2°
Weight- ranges from 350 grams to 380 grams
Material- 304 Stainless Steel

Blue (comes with putter)- 5 grams each
Red- 10 grams each
Charcoal- 15 grams each
Silver (comes with putter)- 20 grams each

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