Tour Edge Exotics EXS Pro Hybrid

The EXS Pro Hybrids were designed to be a low-spinning rocket for faster swingers seeking a Titanium faced hybrid with a more compact head and a deeper face.

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Tour-Inspired Shape – The Exotics EXS Pro Hybrid features a tour-inspired compact shape with a deeper Beta-Titanium square-face designed with the tour player in mind.  An extreme slope from the middle of the crown to the back of the club head compacts the head and ensures low spin and a penetrating ball flight.

Flight Tuning System – Dual weight ports placed to the extreme heel (20 grams) and toe (5 grams) provides a Flight Tuning System that makes a huge difference in ball flight in this compact, low-spin fairway design.

Individual weights and a weight kit will be made available that includes 10, 15 and 20-gram weights that are interchangeable for the EXS Pro Fairway Metal and Hybrid for the ultimate in self-fitting.

Low/Forward CG Placement – The club head features a forward Center of Gravity (CG) that should be considered a Tour level CG placement.  It’s design was made to produce the lowest possible amount of spin for faster swing speeds.

Beta Titanium/360° Cup Face Combo Brazing – The EXS Pro Hybrids utilize a Beta Titanium/360° Cup Face combo brazed onto a Stainless-Steel body.  Combo Brazing is a zero-welding technology that fuses Titanium to Steel, reducing weight in the face and allowing for a faster and more powerful transfer of energy, making the EXS Pro the only Titanium faced hybrids in golf utilizing Combo Brazing technology.

SlipStream Sole – O the sole of the club head, the turf interaction is greatly enhanced by modified SlipStream speed channels.  The new curved entry on the leading edge of the sole to the face makes for ideal turf interaction.

Sound Diffusion Bar –  A Sound Diffusion Bar (S. D. Bar) placed strategically inside the club head vastly improves the acoustic properties to act as a diffusion panel used to enhance the richness of sound produced.

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